Reviews of Top Skilled Nursing Facilities

Nationwide, there are many facilities designed to provide round-the-clock care for elderly people suffering from physical and mental illnesses associated with the aging process. Some of the most important considerations for family members looking for the right facility for their loved ones are finding a place that provides high quality care and that is located nearby so that family members may visit regularly.

Athena Health Care System

The highly rated Athena organization runs 23 top facilities in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and employs 4,000 staff members who care for a total of 2,900 residents. Athena provides long-term, short-term and hospice care in a friendly and compassionate environment and has earned an excellent reputation in the New England area. Striving to stay on the cutting edge, the company has a well-established compliance program that meets all state and federal requirements, and is currently working on establishing an electronic medical records system.

Bethany SNF

The Bethany facility, located in North Dakota, has earned a top 5-star rating by Medicare in numerous important categories. Following health inspections and evaluations of nursing staff and quality of medical care, the facility received a perfect score. Health and safety standards in food preparations were rated 5-star as were fire safety standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Agency. The Bethany facility also earned 5 stars in the number of hours per day each resident received one-on-one attention from nurses, and the percentage of residents who suffered care-related ailments like bed sores and urinary tract infections.

St. Anne’s

Located in San Francisco, California, St. Anne’s is situated just 1 mile away from St. Mary’s Medical Center. The closer a facility is located to a large hospital with emergency and acute care services, the better for residents who are at risk for serious or chronic health problems that may require immediate emergency treatment. The St. Anne’s facility also includes an assisted living apartment complex for residents who do not require 24-hour care.

Wesley Court Methodist Retirement Community

Wesley Court is located in Abilene, Texas just 2 miles away Abilene Regional Medical Center. The facility provides high quality care to residents and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nurse aids. The community includes a senior section in which residents generally care for themselves and have access to transportation, a pool, convenience stores, a bank, a barber and beauty shop, laundry, housekeeping and security services.

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The Marshes at Skidaway

Earning an overall 5 star rating from Medicare, the Marshes is located in historic Savannah, Georgia 6 miles from St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital. Along with a full service facility with skilled nursing staff, the Marshes features assisted living housing, a personal care home and a senior community as well as special care for people who need short-term healthcare and rehabilitation, respite care, and Alzheimer’s care.

Finding the right facility for an elderly family member needing special care is almost always a heart wrenching decision for all parties involved. Researching the ratings and reviews nearby facilities have earned may help make such a tough decision a little easier.

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